Ravizza 1871

History of an Icon

The company was founded in 1871 by Mr Angelo Belotti in order to import guns and accessories for hunting in general. His collaborator Rag. Carlo Ravizza first as an accountant and then as a manager and finally attorney general. In 1910 Carlo Ravizza took over the company and is the “C. Ravizza and C. already Weapons Factory Bresciana “by adopting the old brand of dog with the target as the owner of three shops of Milan.

High Quality Service 

A Story of passion 

In the late 70s it begins the period of suffering for the hunting industry in general and the Ravizza suffers heavily and had to reduce its field of action and close all distributions taken weapons. And after a period of adjustment, evolving customs, production and trade of weapons and sporting goods will finally adds the production, research and import of accessories and heads of hunting clothing. The customer more and more often found in our arms a technically perfect tool, and more and more often required us a technical clothing that was at the time of the hunt and comfortable in after hunting. Clothing that has Ravizza at first tried to markets throughout Europe (especially Austria, Germany, Belgium, England and Ireland). Willis and Geiger, but Ravizza customers needed more. Here then appear in the pews of gunsmiths tables tailors, applied on armholes most difficult: those that allow you to easily take up a rifle. After putting up the best leaders for the profession of hunting, Ravizza introduced the classic tailoring customized line.

“In recent years the shop, also located at 3 Via Hoepli in Milan was dedicated to the constant search for leading-edge sports, classic, elegant, traditional and practical. “