Ravizza Tayloring

Custom Suits & Accessories

Ravizza has a long tradition for made to measure suits and shirts for man available in the fitting room at the 1st floor in Via Hoepli 3 in Milan or wherever it is requested, by appointment.

Get A Custom, Bespoke Suite Made By The Experts

High Professionality

High professionally also for the selection of clothes, especially the finest British clothes such as worsted wool, tweed, flannel, cashmere, Egyptian cotton, linen with an infinite choice in weight from 220 gr to 800 gr.

Our Service at Home

You can choose different locations where you can take the measure of your suit. Only one fitting required and in five weeks your suit will be ready to be worn.

Customized Accessories

Customise your suit. We offer also the constructed style completely half unlined or completely unlined and without shoulder pads. You can choose  between different broguings, different buttons and different colours of lining.

Save Your Measure

Take your measure just once. After the first suit we add your profile to our databases so you can order future purchases without need of fitting. We can ship your suits wherever you are in the world.


We Make High Quality, Custom Suits 

One of the best fashion pieces that make you look your best is by doing a custom tailored suit. When your suit fits and showcases your features well, you swell with confidence. No matter the occasion, whether it’s for your job, a wedding or you’re wanting to add a fashionable piece to your closet, a handmade tailored suit is a great option. The suits at the department store typically don’t have a perfect fit. Maybe the shoulders fit like a charm but the sleeves are too short. With a handmade tailored suit, fit will never be an issue and it’s an excellent experience. 

Only the Finest Materials

Superb quality is guaranteed and all handmade tailored suit textiles are sourced from the finest mills in England and Italy.

Designed & Cut to Perfection

 Accurate measurements are key to the perfect handmade tailored suit and. A keen eye for detail is key when creating your ideal handmade tailored suit.

Constructed In Our Shop

After the suit maker takes the measurements, your handmade tailored suit will be crafted directly in our historical headquarter, Aftew few weeks you’ll have a suit that fits with perfection. Look fresh, elegant and always at your best.

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The Shirt Ravizza 

Ravizza manufactures a wide range of informal, casual and formal shirts with different collars, pockets and mother-of-pearl buttons. Only three weeks from your order and no need of fitting. We normally ship our shirts to large variety of customers.

A wide range of tissues, including the so-called “twisted pair”, the weaving process more expensive and refined which guarantees great softness to the touch, easy stretchability and resistance to washing and use, to give long life to the shirt.

Some of Our Latest Work 

Here you can find a gallery of our latest work.

We can suggest season by season the best choices for you.

Have a look and let you inspire from Us!  

Ravizza tips of style

“When you order a dress, do not forget to ask for a double pair of pants. The trousers, in fact, wear out faster than jackets. If you smoke, and you bring a lighter, do not forget to ask the tailor to make two pockets at the waist, one lighter and one for spare change. The flap trousers is a matter of personal style, but if you like it, remember the “golden measures’ lapel, three and a half centimeters if you are tall up to one meter seventy, four centimeters if you are taller.”

Ravizza tips of style

“Even the pants fund has a “golden measure” twenty centimeters if you wear up to forty, twenty centimeters up to forty-three twenty-two centimeters further. The right fit of the pant length is when the hem falls straight without touching the shoe folds. The back pockets are always two, both closed with a button. The side pockets are to be cut along the seam. A jacket of well-cut measurement should have the smallest possible number of internal pockets, encumbers the line, especially if you have imprudent enough to use them.”

Ravizza tips of style

“In a tailored jacket, button holes of the sleeves are true and open. However, keep the top button unbuttoned to show her own tailoring origin, it is considered by many style men, exaggerated ostentation. A tailored suit shows his class especially with the cutting style and the accuracy of the finishes. It always stands no need to emphasize that.”